What is the description of private yoga session?

In a private class, you can have an individual program that is specifically tailored to your needs. Your instructor will plan routines that incorporate the poses you want and will help you achieve even your highest yoga goals. This way, you can overcome a plateau and take your yoga practice to the next level. Private yoga classes offer a personal touch to your practice experience.

You'll receive individual guidance, direction and support for your practice. Classes can be arranged at YogaLife Institute or we can go to your designated external location. Part of the job of a private yoga instructor is to identify where you are on your path to yoga and to yourself. Your yoga instructor will use the information provided to you during the first consultation to make a yoga session specific to you.

With private yoga classes, you prepare yourself with the best possible base for yoga classes in larger groups. A yoga teacher can explain the basics of a yoga practice to you and then guide you step by step through various movements and breathing exercises. These are a series of yoga poses (also called asanas) that are usually performed as a warm-up at the beginning of a moving yoga class. Something unique about hiring a yoga instructor is that they can teach you specific yoga poses that you wouldn't necessarily practice in a group class.

Many clients LOVE this aspect of private yoga practice; but if it's not your thing, just let your instructor know and he'll find other ways to guide you in your yoga practice. Incorporating this part of the yoga experience will undoubtedly increase your total understanding of the philosophy of yoga. If you don't know any local instructors, you can find one by visiting yoga organizations like Yoga Alliance. Given the commutes to work and the schedules of many yoga classes, it can be quite difficult to manage when and where you can practice yoga.

Private yoga instructors can also offer suggestions on literature and the media to strengthen your overall yoga practice. If you're already an experienced yogi, a private yoga class can offer you the opportunity to work on a specific yoga goal.

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